An event poster for the Design Culture Now conference. A large amount of text is set against a surreal collage. Art Deco typography is utilized for its futuristic attributes and geometric shapes and circular orbs dance about. Energy, movement, and depth coalesce to create a "dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity...the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition...the dimension of area which we call The Twilight Zone" aesthetic. 
An event poster for The Whale's annual Oktoberfest event. Influenced by German beer posters of the ephemeral past, this design blends the old and the new. Big, bold, Blackletter typography grabs attention, while the bar's logo and a German illustration intertwine, creating a playful, elegant, and time-tested composition. Prost!
An awareness poster to shed light on the ever-evolving opioid crisis that our country faces. The design utilizes bold typography to bring attention to the harrowing statistics of this epidemic and implements an original icon system to lead the viewer's eye downward to the call to action. The result is a conspicuous design meant to grab attention and underscore the seriousness of the issue that is being presented.

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